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Recruitment and Network Capacity

The goal of the Network Capacity Core is to expand Frontiers programs with an emphasis on supporting multicenter research studies and contributions to national CTSA initiatives. Included in these goals is alleviating some of the barriers that exist in connecting researchers with training and collaborative opportunities. For additional information or to request a consultation, please click on Contact Us and fill out the consultation request.

Trial Innovation Network (TIN)

One of the unique advantages available to CTSA Program hubs is access to Trial Innovation Network (TIN) resources.  These resources are designed to promote investigator training and collaboration on multi-center studies.  Two of the main resources are:

Expressions of Interest

Announcements will be made from TIN where multi-center studies are recruiting other sites to join.  These opportunities will be disseminated from the Network Capacity Core to the relevant disciplines to apply if interested.  Conversely, this resource can be used to submit a study to recruit other sites with their own announcement.

TIN Consultation

This consultation is a long process where an investigator’s grant proposal can be evaluated before submission by national experts who specialize in different areas.  This consult is more for study design and concept rather than the actual write-up.  A few of the criteria that makes for a good proposal for consult are that it is a multi-center study, includes all affected populations, partner with TIN through study life cycle, and must be more than 60 days from grant submission for the consult process.  See here for more information:

Network Capacity

Image of Hanluen Kuo

Hanluen Kuo

Network Capacity/Recruitment Navigator

Image of Eric Rush

Eric Rush, M.D.

Function Director, Network Capacity

Link to Profile
Image of Paula Nichols

Paula Monaghan-Nichols, Ph.D.

Function Director, Network Capacity

816-235-6663 Link to Profile
Image of Jeff Statland

Jeffrey Statland, M.D.

Lead Network Capacity Core

913-588-6970 Link to Biography

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