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Recruitment and Network Capacity

The goal of Network Capacity is to expand Frontiers programs with an emphasis on supporting multicenter research studies and national Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) initiatives. Included in this goal is alleviating barriers that exist in connecting researchers with training and collaborative opportunities. (The following services and resources are free.)

The Recruitment and Network Capacity Navigator guides users through the no-cost recruitment and clinical trial resources available to Frontiers members, such as our Trial Innovation Network (TIN).  Our resources are designed to be accessible for all science team members, including coordinators, managers, and investigators.  The navigator will also help evaluate your study’s current channels for recruitment and if there are any others that can enhance activity.  For additional information or to request a consultation, please click here.

General Resources

  • Web-based platform
  • Matches interested participants with science teams and their studies.
  • NIH-funded through CTSA program.


Faster Together, Enhancing the Recruitment of Marginalized Communities in Clinical Trials

  • Public Coursera Course developed by Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
  • Enhance clinical trial recruitment with racial and ethnic minorities.
  • 1 hour per module; 8 modules
    • Community Engagement
    • Person-centered Retention
    • Community Healthcare Provider Outreach
    • Effective Screening and Education
    • And more

Trial Innovation Network (TIN)

One of the unique advantages available to CTSA Programs is access to TIN resources.  TIN is a national network of all the CTSA programs with the goal of addressing roadblocks and accelerating clinical translational research.  These resources are designed to promote investigator training and collaboration on multicenter studies.  The Recruitment and Network Capacity Navigator acts as Frontiers Liaison to this network and can provide additional information.

Trial Innovation Network Toolkits

  • Developed by CTSA hubs
  • Self-serve
  • Guides, Handbooks, Templates, Courses, Slide Decks, Shared Experiences related to:
    • Proposals
    • Network Dashboards
    • Standard Agreements
    • Study Operations
    • Study Design
    • Study Budget
    • SIRB
    • EHR Cohort Assessment
    • Recruitment Planning
    • Recruitment Materials
    • Engagement

Trial Innovation Network Consultations

Investigators can have their multicenter (3+ sites) grant proposals evaluated before submission by national experts who specialize in different areas.  This consult is more for study design and concept rather than the actual write-up.  Criteria for a proposal consult includes: it is a multicenter (3+ sites) study, includes all demographics affected, partners with TIN through the study life cycle, and preferred to be more than 60 days from grant submission for the consult process but exceptions are considered.

Trial Innovation Network Expressions of Interest

Announcements will be made from TIN when multicenter studies are recruiting other sites to join.  These opportunities will be disseminated from Network Capacity to the relevant disciplines to apply if interested.  Conversely, this resource can be used to submit your multicenter study to recruit other sites with your own announcement. 

Frontiers Recruitment Applications

Frontiers Trial Finder App (Android) (iOS)

This is a mobile application that, while is still under development, can currently be downloaded for use.

  • The app acts as a directory of clinical trials at Frontiers partners.
  • Participant and provider views are customized to each audience.
  • Providers in clinics can quickly identify trials for their patients.
  • Interested participants can search for trials they may be eligible for conveniently on their mobile device.

As mentioned, this app is still in development while our team connects with different groups to have their trials added. Please reach out if you are currently interested  in utilizing this tool to help market your studies to providers and interested participants.


Frontiers Accrual App

Our team has also developed a web-based application to help teams evaluate the progress of their study accrual goals.  An in-house developed algorithm uses metrics such as current accruals along with target accruals and dates to predict if goals will be met.  We believe this tool can be helpful for those that need to manage multiple studies and evaluate their long-term performances.  Please reach out if you’d like your studies to be added.

Network Capacity

Image of Hanluen Kuo

Hanluen Kuo

Network Capacity/Recruitment Navigator

Image of Eric Rush

Eric Rush, M.D.

Function Director, Network Capacity

Link to Profile
Image of Paula Nichols

Paula Monaghan-Nichols, Ph.D.

Function Director, Network Capacity

Link to Profile
Image of Jeff Statland

Jeffrey Statland, M.D.

Lead Network Capacity Core

Link to Biography

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